Litter Box Furniture Ikea: Make A Cat Litter Box With Ikea Furniture

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Byholma Litter Box Furniture Ikea

Litter box furniture IKEA – Those who live with a cat know how the bedding is the least beautiful sight to see in our homes. Then there are felines who like to have a little privacy while doing their own needs and do not want everyone’s eyes on them. How to create a safe space dedicated to them, which is both beautiful to look at and in line with the surrounding decor?

It’s very simple, take an Ikea piece of furniture, maybe those of the Stuva line. And enjoy doing the DIY for a litter box furniture ikea that will not be noticed, but that will furnish your home. First you have to mount the Ikea furniture, taking care to make an opening through which the cat can pass. You can also make it in the shape of a cat, for a decidedly more pleasant style.

If you take litter box furniture ikea like a chest it will be easier to clean. Because you just have to open the lid to sanitize everything in a very precise way. At this point insert in transparent sheets that can protect the cabinet and the floor from humidity and then insert the litter inside. The chest of drawers can also become the space for storing everything necessary for the cat’s dressing table.

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