Loft Style Bunk Bed: Practical And Functional

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L Shaped Loft Style Bunk Bed

Loft style bunk bed – Actually loft is a style that arises in middle of last century to name ways to decorate these industrial open spaces reused. Before, when we thought in a loft, now at least to a servant, who lives in one of them we mixed with word “study” and becomes something as hideout of 20 square meters that I can afford, but yes, living in center.

Fundamental and trite but necessary topic: we start from white loft style bunk bed, palette clear colors, earth tones, mixed mole with beige and perhaps some notes of chocolate, but do not go further in terms of walls, floors, ceilings or doors, because if we also have misfortune to live without outside windows, we run risk of shrinking space more if possible. Winning mixes? Elegance of white / black, not tired and relaxes, but said; no walls unless you count on a study of more than 30 square meters, then use one of walls as focus gray Marengo can be a good choice.

In two adjectives; Practical and functional less occupy more storage but can withstand better. How do I get it? Buying furniture vertical reach to ceiling, it is best option. Many studies have attics or loft style bunk bed, if not your case, manufactures one in bathroom with a sturdy wood and using drill to fix it, cannot believe all space you just out of nowhere. Nor must say, if it is very small, a bunk bed with a sofa in bottom (better if sofa bed) will be a success.

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