Long Narrow Console Table Behind Sofa

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Chinese Long Narrow Console Table

Long narrow console table – A console table behind a sofa. The narrow, long table is relatively simple to build, especially if you make a simple design with straight legs and without much embellishment. Stain the table to match the rest of your furniture.

Cut 2 -by- 4-inch boards for four 30-inch long pieces with the circular saw or handsaw. Wear eye protection while cutting. It is for table legs.  Cut the 2-by-1- inch boards into two 9-inch long pieces and two 36-inch long pieces. Sand the edges of boards so they are smooth.  Drill four 1/2-inch deep holes of the long, narrow side of each 36-inch long, 2-by-1- inch board. Evenly space the holes apart, beginning 3 inches on each side. Drilling also has three 1/2-inch deep holes of the long narrow console table, narrow side of 9-inch long, 2-by-1- inch board.

Drill two 1/2-inch long holes on each short side of the 36-inch and 9 inches long boards. Space holes 1 inch apart, 1/2 inch in from the top and bottom edges. Drill two 1/2-inch deep holes in two sides of each 2-by-4- inch board by 1 cm apart, 1/2 inch in from the top of the board. When you assemble the table you want the holes in the table legs to line up with the holes on the sides of the long narrow console table.  Drill a 1/2-inch deep hole in the top center of each table leg. Make sure the top hole is on the side of the leg, which also has four holes.

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