Make A Sofa Table With Storage

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Sofa Table With Storage Style

Sofa table with storage – More purposes coffee tables saves space while keeping the room clutter free. A storage coffee table should interfere with the style of other furniture in the room. It should be more than just a place to cram things out of sight. Several drawers teams craft and scrap booking supplies, games cassettes and DVDs. make a sofa table with storage, Find two pieces of irregularly shaped burled walnut about 2-by-4 feet by 1-inch thick. Drill 1/8-inch diameter pilot holes in the four corners of the two rectangles, to describe the two plates have burled walnut. Fit the 23-by -47 inch sheet of walnut between top and bottom pieces and side pieces to make a back piece for storing the table.

position of the two 1- by 1- of -46 inch pieces of walnut 7 inches apart, flush with the front edge between the sides, as shown in the picture accompanying this step, to form divisions for drawers. Place the four drawer supports the specified positions between the inner front edge of each drawer divider and inside the back of the sofa table with storage. You should now have a storage chest hit without drawers. Build three drawers with a piece of 45 3/4-by-6 3/4-by-1/4 inch Amazonian beams to the front and back of each drawer.

Cut three pieces of 7-inches wide by 46-inches long by 1/2-inch thick burled walnut drawer facings. Attach the four 4- by 4- by-4-inch wooden cubes to the bottom of the table by 6-inch brass wood screws to make feet. Sand all surfaces of the sofa table with storage with coarse, medium, fine and extra-fine sandpaper. Close the table with multi-layer clear acrylic treating wood.

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