Make Comfortable With Period Bathroom Lighting

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Period Bathroom Lighting Vintage

Period Bathroom Lighting – Having good lighting is important to make the bathroom comfortable and convey a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. It is most advisable to combine the different types of light: general, punctual and indirect. For general lighting, it is necessary to provide several points of light in the ceiling. Halogen spotlights are perfect because they produce a light very similar to natural light and, with equal power as incandescent bulbs, double light.

Among its disadvantages is that they emit a lot of heat, which for their installation requires a false ceiling to hide the transformer and that are somewhat more expensive than other period bathroom lighting bulbs. The sensation that a bath transmits is achieved by the combination of several elements, among which the lighting has a significant weight. Of all of them, the indirect call is the least known.

It is a type of period bathroom lighting that, although it does not have a practical paper so evident, is fundamental to achieve a more relaxing and cozy bath. There are many advantages that it offers us: it does not distort the colors used in the decoration, it is the most suitable when performing precision tasks and, of course, it supposes a significant saving in the electrical consumption.

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