Make Own Oak Wood Dining Table

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Top Wood Dining Table

Wood dining table – You must selects three pieces planks, draw up with the goals you want, cuts pieces out on a circular saw – just so you have the correct width. The length dishes you to the end. Then the planks on a surface planer on all surfaces, so the angles are correct. The planks must go through a thickness planer, until you get the thickness you want, on the table. Offer ran them through, so we ended up at a thickness of 4.5 cm on each plank.

Length cut until get just the right wood dining table length you want. We decided to make three cross pieces of the same tree to gather / hold the three panels together. We took the planks home and got them polished by hand with some of the finest sandpaper, dried al dust and massaged planks with something  rustic natural oil (ready) from the Bauhaus  (119.95 or). Put the planks on the floor; put them together with the distance you want.

Found some distance pieces (59, 95 or) in Bauhaus, which can be put from so you are sure that there is the same distance over the place. Drill holes in the cross pieces and screw in screws. Screw the wood dining table legs on the planks and you should be aware that there are only two holes on the table leg, to turn the leg onto the planks, and these holes were actually very close to duplicating the gaps between the planks, which would result in that we would not be able to put the table leg onto the planks, but we were just lucky.

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