Making Butcher Block Table Tops

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Butcher Block Table Tops Design

Butcher block table tops – If you like the look of butcher block islands a butcher block table may appeal to you, too. Tabletops butcher block are made ​​of the same materials used to manufacture caps butcher block island. The tabletop is created from strips or cubes of wood glued together. Look of different sizes and shapes of butcher block tables, or while shopping, visiting different styles in your local furniture store. If you have trouble finding something you like, draw a sketch of three different forms rectangular, square or round.

Incorporate the basis for your butcher block table tops in your drawing. The legs should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the table. Use strong wood 4 x 4 inches legroom, or choose a base style easel, made ​​of wood 2 x 6 inches. When calculating the wood for table consider wood for the style you choose for your base. If you choose legs, you have to include the wood to make a frame to stabilize the legs and set the tabletop.

Compare butcher block table tops made ​​of strips or wooden blocks to form the table. If the table is long, the strips may be your best option. The strips are cut into uniform sizes measuring 1 1/2 cm side by the length you choose. For example, a finished butcher block table measuring 63 inches long requires 1 1/2-b-63-inch strips. The square can be modified to your liking.

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