Making Grommet Outdoor Drapery

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Outdoor Drapery Style

Outdoor drapery – Curtains and outdoor drapery are good for darkening a room to sleep, the window for privacy and add a decorative punch to your home. Curtains are, or may be, in thousands of different colors, designs and forms of law to ruffles. Durability can be a problem with the curtains. Tab-top curtains and with a traditional curtain-rod sleeves will eventually wear out from constant drawing a curtain rod. A practical and stylish solution is to use grommets.

Choose your outdoor drapery and your grommets. Plastic grommets work best on light fabrics like cotton and silk. Pin the paper template to the top of your screen; the holes are placed in the mold, so that you do not need to measure and mark your fabric. Cut an X with a knife within each circle, then the flaps is cut away one at a time. Click the grommets apart and slide the back of each tulle under a hole. Line tulle backing up so you can see some of the ridges in the circle.

Use tulle tape for easy installation of metal rings. Grommet tape, a woven nylon strip with metal backs tulle blended in, is especially good for very heavy fabrics. Sew the tape on the back of your outdoor drapery panel. Using a sharp knife to cut the cut material from each hole by making an X, and the trimming of the valves. Press the front tulle pieces in the back pieces with your fingers, using pressing your finger and thumb down the way around each tulle.

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