Making Long Sofa Table

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Long Sofa Table With Drawer

Long sofa table – In the house to which we are giving a facelift, you will miss a dining table, you have chairs to which you will have to change their appearance to match the rest of changes, but you do not have a table for to be able to eat. Therefore, you will make a table of iron and wood as to take advantage of the space in the small living room-kitchen.

The only drawback of making the iron long sofa table we have to know how to work it, and also have specialized tools in this material: cutting machines. At the end of the process we will have a beautiful and functional table by you, with the measures we need and where you are going to locate. Specifically, this table will have a total size of 1.40 cm long, 90 cm wide and 76 cm high.

You begin by cutting the legs, broad and long sofa table. For this you use a grinder or radial and support for him. The measures cutting, in my case and for a table with overall dimensions of 1.40 long, 90 wide and 76 inches high. On the next step, you will work to review, with radial and grinder disc or review, all cutting areas to remove the generated burrs.

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