Modern Glass Dining Table Room And Chairs

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Modern Glass Dining Table Expandable

Modern glass dining table brings an aura to the room and make it live. Glass table tops offer so many advantages, so it is difficult not to choose glass dining table.

Modern glass dining table is available in many forms, one of which is a rectangular dining table: This is the most traditional type of dining table and still very much in vogue. A rectangular glass table can accommodate as many as 12 to 16 people, if you want to give a contemporary touch, getting abrasion done in a transparent glass.

Instead of maintaining a perfect rectangle shape, you can get cut glass in the form of inverted arc in the corners. Get etched glass on the border to highlight the shape. Modern glass dining table Circular: Although the circular glass table can house fewer people and occupy more space, this table is popular because it provides a cohesive feeling.

To give a modern look and utilities, you can fix a circular glass top and attach another circular glass of smaller size in the center. Pair with a rotating disc, so that the top of the small glass can rotate. Now, if you want to pass a plate or pan, you do not need to scratch the glass, the glass just give a little push to rotate it. Thus, you can use your creativity and imagination to create modern glass dining table you look unique.

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