Mounting An Outdoor Flush Mount Light In The Wall

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Popular Outdoor Flush Mount Light

Outdoor flush mount light – Fitting a new porch light is typically a simple process that involves only three wires. A wide variety of lighting styles are available to complement the look of the house. In addition, the lights designed for outdoor use and are available porch with timers built into the dusk to dawn and motion sensors.

Mounting an outdoor flush mount light in the wall, Access to the electrical panel to determine which supplies power switch on the porch light. Flip the switch and disconnect the power supply. Loosen the light from the surface mount sufficient to insert the hand circuit tester to confirm the power has been turned off. Leave the old light (if present) of the mounting bolts. Keep it light with one hand while unscrewing the two nuts cable with the other. Put aside the old light. Connect the wire nuts to secure white to black with black and white. Use a Phillips screwdriver to screw the cable bare to the Phillips screw in the circular mounting plate earth. It may be necessary to wrap the wire around the screw two or three times before fixing the screw firmly.

Slide new light on the mounting bolts.  Screw in new cosmetic fastening nuts by placing wires side by side and torque on the nut until firm. Make sure the new light is flush with the mounting surface to help prevent water intrusion and insects. Reinstall the panel and restore power to light. Test the outdoor flush mount light by pressing the power switch. Adjust the dusk to dawn and / or adjusting motion sensor as needed. See the manual for the new light for specific adjustment information.

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