New Orleans Style Lighting Fixtures Ideas

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New Orleans Style Lighting Fixtures Themed

New orleans style lighting fixtures – The easiest fixture to build would be a flush-type attachment directly to a ceiling-mounted box. If colander is a typical aluminum model, you need a number of electrical components, including a lamp socket and hardware needed to attach it to the ceiling box. And any design you develop will require a certain amount of lamp cord. When the fixture is installed, you can decorate it further by hanging a few crystal prisms or similar ornamentation along the edge.

You can also choose to build a pendant new orleans style lighting fixtures suspended a piece of the ceiling. The light may be held in place by lamp threaded rod. You can use a single long section, or disconnect the two together with a decorative connection nut. Threaded rod lamp is also available with a satin nickel finish, which would almost match the color of your aluminum colander. If the roof box is not controlled by a wall switch, use an outlet with a zipper. You can add additional ambience to your home-made fixtures add a nice charm to the end of the chain.

Another option may be to attach hooks to the colander legs and cancel the new orleans style lighting fixtures from the light chain. Instead of a standard frosted light bulb, you can use a clear glass bulb, a globe, or depending on the lamp mode, a tinted or colored light bulb.

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