Nice Ikea Laptop Table

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Famous Ikea Laptop Table

Ikea laptop table – The Ikea Laptop table is perfectly designed for its function, because when the board deployments have place for the mouse, iPod or any small gadget as the calculator or your PDA. It is easily maintained because with a slightly damp cloth is cleaned in a 2 × 3 and its appearance is so charming that everyone will want to have one at home.

His name is DAVE ikea laptop table and is ideal for portable and not harm “the danger zone” 😉 Find a table for your laptop is relatively easy, with a board and four legs you can serve, but to find an extra table when you’re working in other areas or places like the couch in your home, things change.

You cannot have a normal table because it does not fit, the laptop on her knees takes its toll, both heat by having the neck turned this long hard way solution? It exists, it is at Ikea. DAVE is the name of this little extra ikea laptop table, covered with plastic so your laptop does not slip. You can change the angle of the board to find a suitable position. According Geek Sugar in USA this table these detonable for only $ 25, according to the catalog of Ikea in Spain, costs 29.95 Euros…

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