Purpose Costa Esmeralda Granite

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Costa Esmeralda Granite

Costa Esmeralda granite – Constant humidity and pedestrian traffic not bombard backsplashes. Design a backsplash without worrying just interference. A kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to incorporate marble kitchen. Marble tile for kitchen backsplash can be rustic, modern or eclectic depending on the finish, color and design.

Costa Esmeralda granite can combines marble tiles with ceramic tiles handmade for a more detailed and interesting design. Use fell marble tiles up and down along the counters. Frame the area behind the stove with a border of handmade ceramic tiles. In the center, turn marble tiles on the diagonal. Cut into ceramic tile 2-inch decorative tiles every four or replace a marble tile 4 inches with a 4-inch ceramic tile. Enjoy the rustic look of aged marble with a touch of detail.

Contemporary design favors backsplash tiles, which are 2 inches or smaller. Select a variety of colors of marble tiles and assemble together on a piece of 1 inch or smaller tiles. Keep the colors on a palette, such as Ming Green, Cipollino, Mare Verde and Verde Luna offset by Costa Esmeralda granite. Mix the marble finishes so some are polished but others have a matte finish. Give additional depth design this way. Add some glass tile for marble for greater interest.

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