Removable Room Partitions

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Awesome Room Partitions

Room partitions – When the apartment is small, the dividing wall is the perfect solution to create an office, a hall, a room divider between the dining area and lounge, an individual space for children sharing the same room, especially when the tenant since we build a separation wall is impossible! The removable partition is installed without masonry to create in minutes a new space in the apartment.

The removable room partitions, fast and cheap way to arrange extra space in the house. Depending on your needs, the removable partition will be used for example forĀ  room decorĀ  intimate separating the dining area from the entrance right in the room, or to create two separate areas from the same volume under a studio layout , shared room or a kitchen.

You find two types of movable room partitions that are distinguished by their type of fixation. The fixation with removable partition on cylinder. This is a so called fixed mount. the partition arises through cylinders that attach screwed to the ceiling and floor. Big advantage, no hole is needed for installation, making it the ideal partition when rents or we do not want to engage in heavy work and get a quick result.

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