Removing Sienna Bordeaux Granite Tiles

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Wonderful Sienna Bordeaux Granite

Removing Sienna Bordeaux Granite Tiles – If you are tired of the granite tiles are grown in your kitchen or bathroom, it may be time to pull them up and be something fresh and install Sienna Bordeaux Granite new. Granite tiles are sturdy and can withstand considerable abuse so you can remove them safely from a floor, counter or wall. You can then reset the tiles in a number of ways. Pulling up the granite without damaging it is an easy task if you use the right tools and proper procedures.

Instructions for removing sienna Bordeaux granite tiles set the tip of a Flathead screwdriver along the joints. Hammer lightly on the handle of the screwdriver with a rubber mallet until the grout cracks. Hammer until you break all the way through to the concrete floor under the tile. Slide the screwdriver more than ¼ inch, and the angle of the screwdriver, so it is the direction of the first crack. Weather hammer until a ¼-inch piece of grout breaks free. Repeat this process until all of the mortar was beaten loose.

Next steps removing sienna Bordeaux granite tiles remove the broken grout with your hands or a broom and discard. Slide a spatula under a granite tiles. Shaking the handle of the spatula until it freely slides under the tile. Slide lifts a crowbar under the tile and press gently on the tile floor. Repeat this process for all tiles. Lay the tiles down on a sail. Spread remover glue on the back of each tile with an old brush. Let sit the adhesive remover on the surface of the tiles for 30 minutes or according to package directions. Scrape the back of each tile with a metal scraper to remove the softened glue. Rinse the tile with clean water in order to remove the chemical residues.

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