Room Divider Panels Ideas

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White Room Divider Panels

Room Divider Panels Ideas – A decorative, independent display may be the most famous definition of a room divider with panels, but they are also available as panels suspended from the ceiling or secured to the floor. Commercially available in a variety of designs and materials, screens can be a discrete addition to a room or a design focal point.

Create a room divider panels of fabric provides flexibility. Use solids, plaids, flowers or geometric patterns that match the room’s decor. A vertical stripe pattern or make the room look taller, while horizontal stripes and patterns make it seem larger. Span two or three room’s arbitral panels with a blow-up of a favorite movie poster, city skyline or pastoral scene transforms the room dividing panels in an independent work of art. Have an original photograph blown up, cut it in two or three vertical sections and glue it to the screens. Add a frame-like border on the top, bottom and sides.

With room divider panels an open construction allows light from one side of the filter through the screen to the other. Vertical or horizontal slats have clean, modern lines. Small, open squares add an Asian touch, especially when painted a high-gloss black or red. Some rooms are suitable for the more ornate room divider panels. Mirrored panels makes the rooms look bigger. Gilding the frame around the mirror suggests an upscale home with elaborate decoration. Add a hint of the exotic with elaborate cutouts that evoke a prince’s harem or an elegant Moroccan home. Victorian fretwork adds an authentic touch to a home for the time, especially in combination with the oriental rugs and heavy furniture in the Victorian design.

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