How Sanding A New Pine Wood Flooring

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Vintage Pine Wood Flooring

Pine wood flooring – Pine flooring offers warmth and natural appeal to a room. As an option floor mid-cost, pine can be installed and then dyed to match a hardwood, or you can let the color of the sample through pine. Because it is relatively soft, it is best not to use a power sander aggressive, like a drum sander, which can inadvertently chewing pieces away from your new floor. A more conservative sander and a light touch is all you need for your new pine wood flooring sand. Check the nailing pattern to ensure that the nail heads are below the surface of pine. Any head sticking up ripping up sanding disks.

Place a random orbital sanders sander of walker with disks with fine grain or grain 120. Put on a mask. Sanding creates a lot of airborne dust pine wood flooring. Start the sander in a corner of the floor and move in the same direction as the operation of pine planks. Do not move forward and backward; only slightly drive it along the boards in one direction. Stop when you reach the other end of the floor and come back in the next strip floor.

Continue sanding forward and backward through the pine planks, never letting the sander sit still in one place while it is on. Sand the edges of pine boards with vibrating hand sander with 120-grit sandpaper Move the sander slightly back and forth, with wood grain, sand lost by the orbital sander areas. Use kneepads for this step.

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