Self Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Awsome Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Outdoor fireplace with pizza oven – First, level the area where you want to place the pizza oven. Set the oven on a cement or wooden base, which may heat up and cause a fire. Second use cement to create a base in the form of a square or a rectangle. You can build a surrounding area of cement blocks and interior space can fill with packed sand. Third use the mortar for the besides sides of the blocks to adhere them together.

Fourth place the metal furnace on top of the concrete blocks, and as close to the leading edge as possible. Center the oven box. Fiveth draw a line on upper of cement block foundation, outlining the left rear and right side of the oven. Sixth rremove the oven from the top of the blocks. Seventh use blocks to create a outdoor fireplace with pizza oven firebox of the wood to use with your pizza oven. Eight place the metal lath on top of the bricks. Secure it with rebar or metal bands.

Nineth stack one row of bricks on top of the metal lath to support the metal furnace. Tenth place metal oven on top of metal ceiling tiles. Last, bbuild a wall of bricks to enclose the firebox outdoor fireplace with pizza oven and oven, starting from the bottom of the firebox and go high enough to enclose the oven. Mortar each row of bricks together. Your outdoor fireplace with pizza oven was done.