Side Rails For Toddler Bed For Your Baby

Side Rails For Toddler Bed   Image

The baby who could hardly stand is now a boy trying to get out of bed baby. If you do not want to pay the money to buy another bed, or simply do not have the money to do at this time, grab a saw and convert the crib into a side rails for toddler bed. Roll baby bed to an area of external level. (There will be a little sawdust, and you will not want that at home.)

Lift the side of the crib and it snaps into place. Take two plastic clips and wrap one around the top left of the side rails for toddler bed, where the metal pole that slides down side is the side rail. Then wrap and tighten the cable tie around the other side. Under the crib, there should be another place where the side rail meets the pole baby bed rail up and down slides. Zip tie and tighten the pole lane and baby together again, on both sides of the lane.

Take the saw and cut as close as possible to the horizontal rail, saw a spindle. The upper first saw, then, the bottom of the spindle. He saw anywhere from four to five axes, depending on the size of your child. Basically you are creating a door where the child can get in and out of bed by himself. Leave as many axes as possible, so that it does not move out of bed while sleeping. Take a piece of sandpaper and sand the sharp edges on the new door. Wrap thick cloth or towel around the bottom of the door of the crib. His side rails for toddler bed adapted newborn is complete.