Simple But Trendy Outdoor Bistro Table Set

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Outdoor Bistro Table Set Wood

Outdoor bistro table set is tabletops with a simple but trendy style.  Modern bistro styles mixed European influences and contemporary American styles to create temporary themes with a casual yet indulgent feel. Use red-white checkered napkins with rounded silver cutlery, white plates, clear glasses and a light-filled Chianti bottle in middle of table for a traditional Italian-style bistro. Use napkins, cutlery, plates and glasses with grapevine-patterned decorative border and a grape-filled bowl of an outdoor Italian bistro theme.

For romantic outdoor bistro table set, you can Use warm colors and a light-filled center to create a romantic environment. Set out simple red napkins folded into large rectangles and floral patterned silverware with cream-colored resin handles. Add pink dishes with red and cream flower pattern, red stem glasses and a pink candle with a light cream for a Valentine’s Day theme.

Use elegant silver cutlery with thick metal or colored plastic handle. Plates and glasses should also be stylish and simple with soft lines. Cover your outdoor bistro table set with white linen napkins, silver rimmed glasses and crockery for a minimalist style. Use peach linen napkins, white resin handled cutlery, glasses peach and peach-striped white dishes for a soft style. Use dark blue napkins with light blue glass bowls and plates with wave-patterned handle for a traditional theme with a watery feeling. You can also place a small dark blue glass vase in middle of table and fill it with flowing white votive candles.

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