Simple Girls Loft Beds With Desk

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Pretty Girls Loft Beds With Desk

Girls loft beds with desk – Measure and cut the board for your girls loft beds. Start with wood 4 x 4. Draw a line through the wood of 12 cm from the top of each piece. You will attach the piece 2 x 8 inside the 4 x 4. On the opposite side of each timber, mark holes below the lines you drew. Mark holes with a drill diagonally, and mark them, they will go the 4×4 side plates and 2 x 8 and allow you to perform a screw through pieces of wood with space to attach washers and nuts.

Drill your holes and attach your side plates. Attach your head and the wooden leg. Drill holes (diagonal) in the adjacent side of the 4 x 4, above the 2 x 8. Drill holes in the plate 4 x 4, 2 x 8 at the head and foot. Secure the plates with screws, washers and nuts. So you just the frame for your girls loft beds with desk. Place the bed on the legs and attach the wood 99.06 x 190.50 cm along the structure. Fasten with wood screws for safety.

Build desk. Within each leg 4×4, measure and draw a line of about 71.12 cm from the ground. You will attach a 2×8 support below this line. Place your support 2 x 8 at the head and the ends of the foot of the loft bed. Drill holes in diagonal; perforate the 4 x 4 and 2 x 8. Use lag screws, washers and nuts to secure the support legs. Put your high quality wood all supporting 2 x 8 under the bed. Fasten with wood screws. Give the feminine color to get a good looking of girls loft beds with desk.

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