Simple Ways To Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpet

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Indoor outdoor carpet were introduced in 1965 and still manufactured today by synthetic fibers such as acrylic and olefins. Indoor-Outdoor rugs are not colored, but rather are infused color, so color does not fade due to exposure to sunlight, water and temperature. When first introduced, carpet was stiff and prickly on bare feet and only color was bright green but today carpet is soft, smooth, comfortable, and come in a variety of appealing colors. Designed for outdoor wear, it is very tough for high traffic areas indoors. Synthetic fibers make cleaning easy

Vacuum carpet thoroughly deck with an isolated shop vacuum. Goal is to remove dirt and debris from around base of fibers. Indoor outdoor carpet is made of synthetic olefin fibers wick or draw moisture from bottom to top of fiber as it dries. Fiber may be clean, but if bottom of carpet is dirty, fiber wick up dirt and pull out fiber as it dries. Remove food stains and dirt by mixing 1/2 oz. a mild detergent with 1 liter of water and lightly scrub area with a medium brush. Preventing dirt build up by taking every opportunity to scrub entire deck carpet instead of just spot-cleaning.

Flush deck mat with a high pressure hose. Warm water is best fabric softener and will work to remove lotions, body oils and other oil-based stains. Use a shop vacuum to remove water after rinsing deck carpet. This will bring up dirt on bottom of fiber with water and will keep carpet fibers to drag dirt from bottom of fiber to peak next time carpet gets wet.

Clean and rinse oil stains using same process as above, but note that oil-based stains are only type of stain that can set indoor outdoor carpet fiber and cause discoloration, usually a dirty gray. Do rinse water as hot as possible and vacuum thoroughly with an isolated shop vacuum. Scrub mold off by cleaning carpet with 1/2 oz. a mild detergent to 1 gallon of warm water and a medium brush.

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