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Sliding glass doors – When it comes to keeping your home in tip-top shape, nothing can be more annoying than sliding glass doors which will not slide. After all, what purpose has a beautiful glass door that leads to a beautiful backyard if the darn thing took three NFL linebackers to slide open?

The reason why sliding glass doors you will not take sides because too much dirt and debris had clogged the wheels and the track of your door panel. This is not a hard fix, but because most of the sliding glass doors are quite heavy, it is best if you have another person present to assist you. The first step is to check how your sliding glass door is fixed to the track.

The majority sliding glass doors have a strip that runs along the top of the frame that holds the door in vertical alignment, the position of the wheels to fit neatly on top of the sliding track. To start, let’s use a simple screwdriver to remove the strips on top. After the strip is removed, slowly tilted out of the door frame, and then remove it from the frame all-together. Turn the door on his side and check the wheels at the bottom of the door. Remember, some sliding glass doors can be more than 90 pounds, so better get some help or be very confident in your physical capabilities.

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