Small Office Desk Security

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Small Office Desk Style

Small office desk – Computers are the primary office tool for many people working at a desk. Not setting up your computer correctly can cause muscle strain. The mouse should be placed near the keyboard so you are not reaching or stretching to use the mouse. The keyboard or other input device should be comfortable to reach the keys without load. The hands and wrists should not rest or rub against hard or sharp surfaces.

Small office desk Security, The location display is important in order to avoid muscle strain and eyes. The top of the screen should be at eye level or slightly below. You should not have to bend your head up or down to see the screen. The screen should be right in front of you while you work. You should not have to turn your head to view the screen. Glare should not reflect on the monitor screen to avoid placing yourself in an unnatural position to “see through” glare. This will also avoid the eyes.

The small office desk and chair work as a unit in your work space. The desktop can be the correct height, but if the chair is not adjusted for your height, it can cause you to reach or thigh may rub underneath side of the small office desk. There should be 2 to 3 inches between the desktop and the thighs. Under the desk should not be messy, so your feet do not have space to sit close to the tabletop. Assistance tools like document holders should be the same height as the screen. It should also be at the same distance as the screen. You should not have to twist your head or constantly shift the focus of your vision.

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