Soft And Beautiful Toddler Bed Bumpers

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Safety Toddler Bed Bumpers

Toddler bed bumpers are a soft, padded protective layer that wraps around baby crib to cushion hard bars of crib. They can range from simple to decorative functional adorably, in a pattern that matches your baby’s room. If you invest in a baby bumpers made of beautiful patterns and cute decorations, there are many ways you can use even if your baby has outgrown his crib.

Like toddler bed bumpers surrounded his daughter when she was sleeping in her crib, you can serve a purpose around sides of bed too. If your child’s bed is placed in a corner of his room, hang bumper, lining bottom with top of your mattress and fitting fit snugly around both sides of bed against wall. This may seem cute and match colors of your child’s room, and provide a sense of comfort and familiarity as she makes move to a big bed.

Use toddler bed bumpers as a new way to decorate your child’s bed, especially if you are still using quilt match. Cut bumper sections as wide as pillows. Sew sides with a needle and thread and place them on bedside of his son. Another way to keep toys and stuffed animals is to create a neat hammock age bumper and hang from ceiling. Cut two pieces of strong string, each about 4 meters long, and loop so that each forms a loop of 2 meters long. Sewing bottom of each loop (open end) on each side of bumper. Attach two hooks to roof, about 18 feet away, and loop of rope around hooks. If you want to lower bumper hanging, cut longest pieces of rope.

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