Special Toddler Princess Bed For Your Kids

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Creative Toddler Princess Bed

You do not have to spend a small fortune and invest in a bed and bedding design for your little princess. With the right materials and a little creativity, you can make any bed looks like a toddler princess bed. Using existing bedding and added some special touches. Besides saving money at all a new set of bed linen, bed princess-themed home is one shirt. Choose a color scheme. Decide if you want a toddler princess bed pink frilly or fancy bed with a different color. A bed with a princess theme must coordinate in color with pillows, blankets, bed skirt and canopy.

Make or buy beautiful covers. The bed of a real princess would have a lot of pillows of different sizes for a luxurious effect. The pillowcases are a cheap investment. Decorate the edges with satin ruffles or lace. Save money and purchase a duvet instead of buying a new quilt or blanket. Duvet covers come in different colors and sizes. It covers an existing quilt a quilt that matches the theme you want for the toddler princess bed.

Make your own canopy princess with thin curtains. The long, thin rod pocket curtains to measure 84 inches (213 cm) long are usually very cheap. Use embroidery hoops hands as the rod. Just open the curtains ring and slide the hoop as you would with a regular bar curtain. Cut four pieces of coordinating ribbon about 12 inches (84 cm) long. Find the four places in the ring where the paintings are curtain. Tie a piece of tape on each of the four points, then gathers the four ribbons and tie them together at the top. Ensures the roof deck. Because the thin curtains are light, just use a screw hook to hang the curtains. Focusing ring to allow canvases hang evenly. Place your homemade canopy to cover the wall behind the bed and rest around the head of the toddler princess bed.

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