Spectacular Trekdesk Treadmill Desk

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Amazing Trekdesk Treadmill Desk

Trekdesk treadmill desk – The Trek Desk does not appear to consider these factors all that important, as its components are thin and much too light. Sheet metal and narrow tubes are made for base’s legs. The table top is a flimsy-looking plastic affair that is made of two connecting pieces, as opposed to a solid piece like most desks.

While most adjustable-height desks have either a motorized-base or a crank adjustment mechanism to easily bring the desk up or down, the trekdesk treadmill desk relies on adjustment knobs on each leg. What you get with the TrekDesk is a plastic desktop that can’t be used sitting down, designed to be paired with a running treadmill. The TrekDesk itself will likely block out the control console that you’ll need to access in order to turn your treadmill on and off, adjust speeds, etc.

This design flaw is not initially evident to unsuspecting consumers who buy the desk, assemble it, place it over their treadmills and only then discover they can’t reach the controls. The proper way to use an existing treadmill, as we discuss in depth in the Build Your Own section, is to remove the console and pedestals and use an adjustable-height desk to create your own personalized trekdesk treadmill desk workstation.

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