Style Foyer Lighting For High Ceilings

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Foyer Lighting For High Ceilings Square

Foyer Lighting For High Ceilings – The hall is the first thing you see when you enter a house. It is essential that this stay is unpolluted, orderly and above all well lit. Let’s say it’s like a cover letter for your house, an invitation to want to know the rest of the rooms. Receivers are usually small, elongated and lack natural light, so it is important to sharpen the wits and think of a good idea to light the area.

For these types of areas, it is usually best to place recessed spotlights, as well as a few wall fixtures. As for the type of foyer lighting for high ceilings, the most appropriate is indirect that provides a little warmth to the environment. You can choose to do this, by a halogen spotlight bulb or by standing lamps on a table. If you decide on this option, focus it towards the ceiling, scattering the light upwards.

The lighting of this room will depend on to a large extent on the square meters you have. If it is large, you can hang a few fixtures on one of the walls, a ceiling lamp or even embed 4 halogens on the ceiling, in order to provide general foyer lighting for high ceilings. To counteract its bright affect a bit, a table lamp or stand. In this way, you will bring a little warmth to the environment.

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