Tablecloth For A 60 Inch Round Dining Table

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New 60 Inch Round Dining Table

60 inch round dining table – These article is about guidelines to make for a tablecloth for a 60-inch round table a One-Piece Round tablecloth.  For a body in one piece, because the table is 60 inches in diameter, and cloth standard sizes 44 and 60 inches, you need to buy extra large fabric to make a tablecloth.

Calculate the desired width by adding diameter of 60 inch at 60 inch round dining table, the greater the fall twice, and a hem both benefits. For example, with a length of 14 inches drop and 4 1/2 inch hem, you need fabric measuring at least 97 inches wide.  To cut the fabric, fold it into quarters and lay it flat. Cut a piece of string that is half as long as the measurement width.

Attaching a pencil with an eraser at one end of the chain and a craftsman pencil at the other end. Measure chain again to ensure that it is the right length for 60 inch round dining table. Keep the rubber on the point of the folded fabric. Keep the rope tight and use a pencil to mark the quilter an arc at the other end of the folded fabric. Cut along the mark before unfolding the fabric. After cutting, the edge of the sheet.

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