The Edison Bulb Track Lighting

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Rustic Edison Bulb Track Lighting

Edison bulb track lighting – The feud between incandescent and fluorescent actually started when they concluded – around the time that Thomas Edison started his company, General Electric. Nikola Tesla (a former employee, considered one of the largest, albeit eccentric, minds electronic discovery) played with light up the world in a different way. Edison’s electricity use streams running through the wires causes a “glow”, while Tesla’s “phosphorescent lights” set phosphorous flame inside a glass tube. With Edison’s fame and political relations back him, his light bulb changed the world.

Bulbs trust to create a stream that starts when you flip a switch. The voltage running through the metal spiral base in two poles connected by a filament. The electric current passing through the filament heats it to a temperature that produces edison bulb track lighting.

Although the technology is still relatively the same since Edison’s invention, the parts become an exact science. Tungsten filaments is key to longer life and brighter light. Since tungsten melting point is around 3400 degrees Celsius, it is more than tough enough to withstand the heat of the electric current. Exactly how the tungsten wire is designed and installed is a closely guarded trade secret prolongs edison bulb track lighting life and quality of light more than any other element.


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