The Latest Innovations Toddler Size Bunk Beds

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Simple Design Toddler Size Bunk Beds

When we prepared the room of my first child, before he was born, we did not think too much about the possibility of having another. So the dimensions of your toddler size bunk beds are nothing more or less commensurate with the size of the house. Only fit a bed in a sense of the room, closet, nightstand to read … and little else.

It is the case of children bed: the best solution is to put classic toddler size bunk beds. Save plenty of room and can sleep in her room perfectly with much less room to occupy two separate beds. Besides that kids always like the bunks. Of course, taking precautions to avoid accidents.  And this is the main reason that made me we decant a wooden bunk: as good Labrador, I can make some extra rails for the older child to sleep in the top bunk.

But what happens … because we bought the litter, which almost all are for mattresses 190x90cm and found that barely fit in the room, because the size of the mattress must be added the thick reek of headboards and foot boards … Besides that we have It placed transversely discovered that the room space is better utilized. Basically, the toddler size bunk beds have assemblies of three types: all major parts: headboards, foot boards and rails, they are joined by two bouillons. A union very solid and widely used in woodworking.

So let’s start by reducing litter in length. To do this, simply remove all stringers, including the rail, a few centimeters to all alike, to achieve this effect. This will be discussed in another post. Of course, after the cut, we must rebuild the assembly, i.e., holes and screws bouillons gone to cut the beams at one end. This also will be discussed in future post. And once the process of shortening the toddler size bunk beds completed.

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