The Magic Of Waller Rustic Furniture

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Art Waller Rustic Furniture

Waller rustic furniture – The rustic furniture has all the taste of the charming country houses of the past. The magic of a farmhouse on the Umbrian hill or a mountain cottage leaves room for the intense shades of raw wood, typical of rustic furniture.  The rooms of the house become galleries of unique pieces inherited from the farmhouse of the family estate and enrich each room with the charm of tradition.

The antique Waller rustic furniture and accessories are unique pieces even in the search for vintage and second-hand markets. If carefully chosen and combined with each other, the rustic furniture will give the feeling of warm, welcoming and relaxing atmospheres. A mood of Waller rustic furniture also ideal for city houses. Pine, oak or solid wood. The rustic furniture follows the ancient tradition of handicrafts made with natural raw materials and timeless charm.

Wood, the great protagonist of different furnishing styles, steals the scene from innovative textures thanks to its simplicity. The rustic furniture and the country furniture, moreover, are just the symbol of bucolic and modest contexts, but still full of charm. The processing of the material will have to give a lived and raw look, without decorations or charming details. The whole house can be furnished with Waller rustic furniture. From the kitchen to the bedroom, each room will have a romantic touch of yesteryear.

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