Tiki Hut Lighting Decorations

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Tiki Hut Lighting Restaurant

Tiki hut lighting – Tiki-style lighting comes in different forms. Tiki torches, which are made of wood, steel, iron and bamboo come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. These torches hold lamp oil that allows the light by producing an open flame. Other tiki lighting includes lamps with thatch or Hawaii fabric shades and candles shaped like tiki statues.

Tiki glasses and dishes are often used in companies with tiki hut lighting themes. Tiki God-shaped glass made of plastic, glass and ceramics are common and often sport colorful umbrellas, straw and other accessories. In addition, wood carved bowls of tiki god figurines, painted ceramic tiki god dishes and goods with tiki faces are also sold by many different stores. A tiki-themed patio can be improved with tiki glasses used as vases or a shelf with many different dishes carries tiki motifs.

Tiki statues and carvings are often used to decorate restaurants, bars, terraces and pool areas. Tiki statues are typically made of dark wood with stylized carvings depicting gods from various cultures of the South Pacific. Tiki statues may be large (over 10 feet), or small (a few inches) and can be displayed in a variety of ways. Tiki statues and carvings can be hung on walls, placed on shelves, put in centers for tables or positioned behind the tiki hut lighting and bars.

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