Tile Backsplash Meet With A Santa Cecilia Classic Granite Countertop

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Stylish Santa Cecilia Classic Granite

Santa Cecilia classic granite – Tile backsplashes often added kitchens as a final design element. They can be made of any kind of tiles and vary in size. Typically tile backsplash extends from the kitchen table to directly under the cabinets, although some may be only 4 inches in height and some can sit on top of a 4-inch granite backsplash. When installing a tile backsplash of a Santa Cecilia classic granite counter, it is important to make sure the two areas together properly. This will prevent potential problems, such as cracks, joints or move tiles down the line.

If Santa Cecilia classic granite is installed without 4-inch backsplash are granite probably been pushed up against the wall itself. Depending on how the wall is level, there may be a small gap between the wall and Santa Cecilia classic granite. The backsplash tile must have a completely level and flat area to land at avoiding slipping. To prepare for granite backsplash, begin with mood this gap between the granite and the wall. This will provide a solid surface where backsplash mortar cannot go, while providing the granite a stable position against the wall.

The tiles will be installed on the backsplash should not actually touch the granite. Instead, install them about 1/8 inches above the Santa Cecilia classic granite. This small space is known as a movement joint. The expansion joint is crucial because the houses might wind up or move slightly over time. Any flex for kitchen cabinets or countertop could put stress on the backsplash tiles, popping them loose from the wall; the tiles and granite were meeting each other. A gap between Santa Cecilia classic granite and tile provides space for flex and movement without damage to the tile.

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