To Make Pine Table Rustic Western Furniture

Sep 6th
Nightstand Rustic Western Furniture
Nightstand Rustic Western Furniture

Rustic western furniture – The construction of rustic pine furniture with a western appeal to it is an interesting. And resourceful way to use the lumber without finishing making decorative pieces for your home. The advantages of using rustic pine branches and pine boards are evident after the piece is finished and the overall image of the room reflects the beauty and interest they bring to the setting. The construction of any size of the table or chair can be easily done with branches.

And rustic pine boards using these methods, which only require basic tools and equipment. The construction of pine tables rustic western furniture, starting with arrange 24-inch pine branches, 2 inches in diameter and the bark still attached, standing on their ends. Have an assistant hold them in place about 18 inches away. Set a 1-by-2-by-20-inch pine board on top of the two branches, which are the legs of the table. Second, drill two holes through the pine board, which is a support plate, and into each leg. Secure the legs to the support plate with 3-inch wood screws to create a leg support unit.

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Repeat this procedure to create a second leg support unit. Third, arrange 1-by-6-by-24-inch pine boards parallel to each other with their large surfaces upside down. Set the leg support units upside down on the pine boards with the support boards flush with the pine boards, which are the table tops. Set the support tables perpendicular to the table tables. Drill two holes through each support plate and into each tabletop board. Being careful not to break up the other side of the tabletop. Attach each support board to the table plate with 1 1/2-inch wood screws. Turn the pine table rustic western furniture upside down.

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