Transformation Of An Old Ashley Furniture Dresser

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White Ashley Furniture Dresser

Ashley furniture dresser – A dresser is a low piece of furniture that usually does not exceed one meter in height and that has several drawers and / or one or several doors to store. Do you have an old Ashley furniture dresser? And you want to renew it but don’t know how to do it? So, begin with you have to disassemble it and clean it thoroughly.

Normally, these furniture that are bought in second-hand stores or are inherited carry a good layer of accumulated dirt. Clean it well and then sand it. Also if you have a classic Ashley furniture dresser piece of furniture, do not try to hide it. Highlight the most beautiful parts of your design. And hide those that are more worn or have not withstood well the passage of time. In the case, the wooden profiles and carved legs are the details that give character to the piece of furniture.

Painting an old Ashley furniture dresser was the ideal solution. Protect the areas you do not want to paint and first give a layer of primer before moving on to the paint. For the dresser, can by use a broken white that gives light and freshness to the furniture, while respecting its traditional character. A change of shooters can do wonders for an old piece of furniture.

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