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Treadmill desk DIY – Leave it to American ingenuity. The treadmill workstation is the ideal invention for people who thrive on multitasking and want to keep fit while you work. Dr. James Levine, a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist, came up with the idea after researching the subject of non-exercise-related calorie burning. Since then, manufacturers have jumped on the workstation treadmill train and now cost thousands to buy one. Make your own and you can afford to buy new clothes when you knock off some weight.

Treadmill desk DIY workstation, buy a bed hospital specialist and basic treadmills to build the fastest and simplest version of a desktop workstation. Remove the wheels and turn the table to the floor to stabilize it or make a base of plywood so the table does not move around while you work. Station a low profile treadmill under the bed hospital table and start working. Build a customized desktop workstation / treadmill larger and more stable than the easy fix hospital tray table combination. Station treadmill against the wall and stand on it. Mark the wall with a pencil to indicate a height of about 4 inches above the navel.

Treadmill desk DIY workstation, Create a custom folding treadmill workstation if you do not always want to go and work at the same time. Emulate engineering of wall-mounted, fold-down ironing board, especially if you work on a laptop and do not require a standard monitor on your workstation. Locate the studs in the wall and drops anchor deep into the plaster. Build a side-mounted treadmill workstation, if you plan to keep your computer from a wall mount TV bracket and want to move it back and forth when not in use.

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